Gypsum Hand Plasters

Unique product with 100% homogenized size without the need of screening.
New generation of advanced mills

In this method, all production sizes are uniform and no undersized materials can be seen. The mesh sizes are 100% guaranteed.

Uniform color with no trace of overheating.
Vertical kiln technology and indirect heating for calcinating gypsum

Calcination of gypsum is done by the application of indirect heat and utilization of hot oil circulating inside the kiln, therefore, it needs to be performed properly. Accordingly, due to the factory’s uniform calcination, as it is 100% guaranteed, the final product is without any traces of overheating or under heating.

Packing:25 kg Bag

Super Micronized Gypsum Powder

Facade Rendering Gypsum Plaster / Finish Work / Stucco and Gypsum work / Sculpture Making


Super Micronized Gypsum Powder
Facade Rendering Gypsum

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